Several children at Hogar de Esperanza are in need of families and have their paperwork approved to be adopted. The following children can specifically be requested for adoption; however Hogar de Esperanza does not handle adoptions directly. If you are interested in adoption, please contact an agency within your home country.

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Jorge Luis Ruiz Castañeda (07/29/2000)

Fernando Plasencia Arevalo (08/06/2000), Marita Plasencia Arevalo (07/07/2001) and Paul Plasencia Arevalo (06/02/2004)

Miguel Visitacion Gomez (1/12/1997), Juan Visitacion Gomez (14/04/2003) and Jorge Visitacion Gomez (28/01/2005)
Families interested in adopting these brothers should know that they have an older brother currently in a different orphanage who would also be adopted as part of the sibling group.

Abel Ángel Abril Aparicio and Italo Juan Abril Aparicio
01/30/1999 and 01/12/2002

Eddy Josué Barreto Ruiz and Junior Alberto Barreto Ruiz
04/25/1995 and 09/27/1999

Edwin Ferreri Sánchez Huilla
01/30/2002 (Approximately)

“It is an oasis in the middle of the desert. A house full of hope for the otherwise hopeless.” — Brady Testorff, USA

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