Prayers Needed

Orphanage Prayer List (Posted July, 2017): We want to present you with specific needs for each of our kids at Hogar de Esperanza. Remember that 6 out of the 21 kids we have are special need kids… three of whom are in their teens with severe speech impairment.

1. The Lord’s provision for our monthly needs… June has been a tough month and July is fast coming with a legal obligation to pay our workers a double salary for Independence Day celebration (July 28th).
2. Danny Gómez (3, Microcephaly). Filing a request to get his certificate of disability, ongoing consultation with neuro-pediatrics.
3. Cristian Gómez (4). Constant ophthalmic treatment and a family to adopt him and his siblings.
4. Carlos (8) and Celeste Gómez (10). A tutor or volunteer to help them reach the grade level corresponding to their age (they came to us with no formal schooling of any sort).
5. Leonela Terrones (4, epilepsy). Ongoing medical checkups with neuro-pediatrics. That her legal process gets defined and can be adopted along with her siblings.
6. Jhoan Terrones (6). A tutor or volunteer to aid him with his learning disabilities.
7. Yanela Terrones (7). File a request to get her certificate of disability.
8. Bryan Terrones (13). Needs to visit a traumatologist to follow up the malformation of the right arm and thorax (born with exposed intestines). Legal decision to be promoted for adoption.
9. Nataly Terrones (18). To finish her GED, find a suitable job on this last year with us and to be reinserted back with her dad.
10. Oriana Rosario (14). Complete dental treatment, neuro-pediatric consultation for disability assessment. Pray for an adopting family for her.
11. Marjorie Rosario (16). That her legal status will be decided… several years have passed without a verdict, thereby she stands today with no possibility of adoption.
12. Abel Abril (15, severe speech impediment). A volunteer to walk him through tasks that he can perform.
13. Italo Abril (18, severe speech impediment). Hard worker looking for an opportunity to allow his integration to society, needs constant ophthalmic and dental treatment.
14. Flor (5) and Marita Chamorro (10). For a family to adopt them and that their legal status would be completed to be promoted for adoption.
15. Merari Chamorro (8). Surgical treatment of malformation of lips and ears.
16. Heydi Sánchez (15). That she will continue to improve her skills in cosmetology.
17. Isabel Sanchez (18, operated on the heart). To finish her GED and start a treatment for postoperative control of cardiology.
18. Jesus Cruz (7). A volunteer to help his academic progress and that his legal status will be completed so he can be promoted for adoption.
19. Breyner Gonzales (10). A family that wants to adopt him.
20. Edwin Sánchez (14, macrocephaly, severe speech impediment). Start a specialized dental treatment, a family to adopt him.

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